Food Brings People Together!

Food Brings People Together!

Food bonds people. It always has. Food is our most primal relationship with Mother Nature and one another. It is so much more than just survival. With food we connect with family, we share good times with friends, court and spoil lovers, and ultimately, if we are truly connected with it, we count our blessings. 

“To break bread together,” a saying as old as the Bible, captures the power a meal can have on the way we feel about life. Many studies indicate that families who eat together on a regular basis throughout the day have a higher sense of belonging and self-esteem. They feel connected to one another by the simple act of sharing a meal. 

Children make mud cakes, have tea with their dolls, exchange snacks to make friends, and copy the rituals of adults… Food is life! There is something about our relationship with it that creates really meaningful experiences throughout our existence.

We save our secret recipes for special occasions. We celebrate with sweets on our birthdays, we make lunch for someone who came to visit, we gather around the dinner table to commemorate the completion of our studies and we cook potatoes around the fire when we are camping. We have grown to associate food with love and in many ways we feel comforted by it.

Food is an expression of culture and creativity too. How amazing to have so many beautiful flavours and food traditions around the world. It gives people a sense of identity and curiosity. One of the first things we report to friends when we travel to a different country is the experience we have had with the food – how it tasted, the way it was served, if it was at a restaurant or on the streets, the spices that were used… Food is like art! It creates memories, it inspires us, moves us and thrills our senses.

Unfortunately though, many of us feel disconnected from our food and our community. We live in a society that has become distant from nature. We became accustomed to buying food in supermarkets, so often imported, wrapped in plastic, full of additives and with minimum nutritional value. We have lost sacred skills to care for the land and to grow abundantly.

Something that could be so simple has become a little messy…

It has to change! And we believe it already is. Luckily for us we have enough people who are committed to changing the current scenario and are taking action towards living in a more harmonious and sustainable life. That is where PermaCare is making a difference – with your help, we are creating a community where people are connected through food on a deeper level. A connection that makes a community thrive and a sustainable food economy to keep moving in a healthy way.

Imagine being part of an integrated network of local families whose backyards are full of fruit and veggies planted and maintained by a team of passionate growers. Now imagine this same home-grown produce distributed within our own member network providing low cost, organic produce to our families and providing an income for our land holders.

The strength and abundance we will manifest together is unlimited! Imagine the sort of gathering and events we can co-create with the people in our network where we can combine skills, learn, have adventures in nature, listen to music, share art, come up with solutions for our children’s education and so much more. The power of collaboration!!! When enough people come together with the same vision – the vision of living in harmony with nature and each other – everything is possible. 

You are being presented with the opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing the way our food supply is done, bringing it back into our hands rather than depending on huge corporations who certainly don’t have our best interests at heart. It is possible and it is happening. Are you ready to live your best life? Are you ready to take care of your family, your body and this beautiful planet bringing to life a strong community who is bonded by food, by nature, by love? We know you are!

For a life filled with love and organic food!



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