Get Growing!

Get Growing!

We get it, gardening is not for everyone. While we firmly  believe every human being on this planet should be equipped with this essential and sacred skill, we understand our current lifestyle doesn’t allow for every person to be out in the sun making sure the caterpillars are keeping away from their parsley.

However, this year has truly got all of us thinking a lot more about our food supply. As we started to notice just how fast things can get chaotic – what, no rice, no pasta, no canned veggies in a matter of weeks? We also started to think of better and more reliable ways to feed ourselves! Thankfully, there is a lot of common sense still left in stock and people are making good use of it to come up with solutions!

It’s a simple question: What if we didn’t rely on supermarkets and started growing our own food instead? BOOM! Now, that’s smart! But wait, what grows when and how long does it take until we are able to harvest anything?

Don’t worry. Nobody knows everything about everything. Isn’t that why building a strong network around us is the best answer? We need each other! The efforts of a strong group combined do all the magic for a thriving and happy community to create their own food economy! 

We are working tirelessly here at PermaCare to make sure we have enough knowledgeable people coming together to serve and empower our tribe with the best tools and resources so we can grow (food and as human beings) together!

While our vision and team expands to make this possible, we thought we would put a list together of the easiest veggies to grow at home  for those who are keen to have a go!

Need a quick salad for lunch?

Lettuce grows super quick and is easy to harvest: Just pick leaves as needed or snip the tops off the plant. They don’t need a lot of space either. You could literally grow them in containers and partially shaded areas. Give it 5 – 8 and you will have full lettuces to enjoy!

Tomatoes, fresh or cooked?

One of the most popular and versatile vegetables, you can grow tomatoes in hanging baskets or pots or anywhere they will get lots of sun and have support for their stalks. Starter plants from the garden centre are the easiest to grow. You will be picking ripe tomatoes anywhere from 40 – 60 days after planting.

Cucumber is a fruit!

Cucumbers warmer temperatures and sunlight. They do need a bit of support too, for climbing.  As long as you water them regularly, they grow almost like weeds. You will most likely have enough cucumbers for you and your neighbours. A cucumber plant takes roughly the same time as a tomato plant to produce any fruit.

Carrots have loads of vitamin A

Carrots should be ready to harvest 70 – 80 days after planting! The only thing about carrots is they might not grow very large if the soil isn’t deep enough or is too rocky.  Deep, well-drained soil is what they prefer. Simple and fun to grow, they prefer full sun exposure but will tolerate a small amount of shade. 

Radishes are rad!

Even though not everyone is a fan, once you see how easy they are to grow, you will want to add them to your veggie garden. They take just 20 days to reach full size and grow in the sun or partially shaded areas. And as long as you manage to water them before the soil dries out, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of crispy, spicy radishes to enjoy and share.

Green Beans

Remember those projects from school, growing beans inside a cup?! Most varieties grow easily from seeds and are ready to pick in just over a month! Most beans prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

Did you like zucchini as a child?

Whether pots or directly in soil. Like beans and radishes, they grow easily from seeds. They need good moisture and prefer warm soil!

And finally, herbs!!! If you like cooking you probably have spent some serious coin at your local supermarket. Not only will you save yourself some money, but growing herbs is fun and they are much better when freshly picked! Some ideas: Basil, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary. You can even use one large pot for a combination of herbs. 

To wrap it up we would like to say that PermaCare is here to serve our community. Do you need help building or starting your own garden at home? Our team can help!!

Whether you are looking for a simple home garden or full food security for you and your family, please get in touch to find out how we can help. Send us an email or text.

Much love,

PermaCare family.

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