How to make sure our families always have healthy food!

How to make sure our families always have healthy food!

We all know the heirachy of human needs.

ūüĆĪ Fresh air, clean water, adequate sleep, a roof over our heads... and healthy, whole food!¬†

One of the primary focuses as we create the PermaCare Village - our own thriving, healthy, prosperous society - is to redefine our relationship with food. 

We are quite literally creating our own local, fully integrated food network in our communities backwards. 

Imagine knowing that your food was coming directly from within your own community. 

That it was all organically grown by own our people and affordable.

No longer will we allow big corporations to control our food - to make massive profits - to push farmers off the land. 

PermaCare is committed to ensuring that no matter what the near future brings that our families have healthy, nutritious food in abundance. 

Within a 50km radius of the Gold Coast we are working to create prosperous food production on community land. 

Do you want to grow food? 

Our PermaCare team of growers can plan, build and plant gardens in your home now. Be it a small balcony or a residential backyard. We are ready and willing to put food in your home. 

Do you have land? 

We are looking for 1 acre or larger plots within an hour drive of the Gold Coast for extensive PermaCare production to distribute to our families. 

Get in touch with us by sending an email to or call Scotty direct on 0404 888 334.

No matter what the future brings our future is bright with PermaCare. 

- Scotty Ze


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