Keep it Fresh

Keep it Fresh

Here at PermaCare we believe organic fruit and veggies are simply the best! We not only avoid ingesting toxins present in crop sprays but we also get that superior flavour and nutritional value that only food that has been recently harvested can offer. 

But one thing is true: Because organic produce is free from preservatives, some items tend to ripen much faster – if you don’t know how to store them well, they will soften and brown quicker than you were expecting. 

Have you ever bought a box of organic strawberries and found them all mouldy and soft after a few days? Or maybe a bunch of coriander that was looking super green and vibrant in your shopping bag but was all floppy and sad when you decided to use it?

Well, the great news is that fruit and vegetables, just like any living thing, need a healthy and adequate environment to thrive. If you keep them in a place they like and they will last much longer! 

So, we’ve put together some tips to help you keep your organic fruit and vegetables fresh for days! 

First, let’s start with a simple list of what to keep at room temperature and what to put in the fridge.

Room temperature:






Green beans






In the fridge:










Dark leafy greens





Knowing what temperature they prefer is only half the puzzle though! Some fruit and vegetables should be stored separately no matter where they go, plus some of them require extra special care:


Ethylene gas in fruits and vegetables is actually a plant hormone which regulates the plant’s growth and development. Not all fruits and vegetables can tolerate the exposure to this gas so it’s important to keep them apart.To prevent fruit from becoming overripe too soon, keep ethylene producing and ethylene sensitive fruits away from each other. 

Ethylene producing fruit includes bananas, tomatoes, all stone fruit, rock melon, mangoes and paw paw.

Ethylene sensitive fruit and vegetables: apples, carrots, beans, lettuce, potatoes, watermelon, eggplant, broccoli and cucumbers.

So try to keep these guys away from each other so the sensitive ones last… or let them have a sleepover if you want them to ripen more quickly. 

Potatoes – Place potatoes in a paper bag and store them in a cool, dark place. Our organic potatoes will last for months!! 

Herbs and lettuce (except basil!)

Basil leaves will actually sag faster in the fridge. Instead, trim the bottom of the herbs and place in a jar or glass filled with a few inches of water – just like flowers  Change the water daily. To keep herbs crisp and fresh, lay them out on a damp paper towel or fresh cloth wipe. Gently roll up the herbs within the wet paper, place in a biodegradable plastic zip lock bag and store in the fridge (not too close to the back wall though, it’s too cold there!).


Tomatoes are most flavoursome when kept at room temperature, so don’t refrigerate them. Depending on ripeness, tomatoes can stay on the counter for up to two weeks. Trick: To speed up ripeness, place the tomatoes in a paper bag with an apple.


Onions  – 
Keep onions to themselves. Onions love to share their fragrance with their neighbours so they should be stored separately and especially away from potatoes, which will wilt and sprout more quickly.Even though apples may seem ok at room temperature, the fridge is the best place to keep your apples after you buy them. This keeps them juicy, crisp and much fresher for longer.

Beetroot and Capsicum

We hope these tips help you enjoy your fruit and vegetable box for much longer! If you have any tips you have been using at home, feel free to share it with us in the comments below!Place them in a mesh produce bag and store them in the drawer of your fridge. They do not like too much moisture but still want to be able to breathe.

Much love from the PermaCare family!

Happy eating  

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