The Future of Food

The Future of Food

I’m sure you’ll all agree: We are living in some very interesting times! This pandemic scenario has shifted the majority of people out of the rat race they were running into a completely new set of thoughts, feelings and priorities.                                                  It’s obvious that with the run on the supermarkets and all the seeds and seedlings being sold out from major retailers and even online stores…  that people started acting predominantly from their root (base) chakra – the most instinctual of all chakras, our primal energy of survival.  

Whether you are part of the toilet-paper-rice-and-pasta squad or the virus-not-even-real but better make sure we get some extra just in case crew, it surely crossed your mind one way or another: What if food starts running out for real?  The positive side of it is that it certainly made people remember that food does not grow on shelves and that Coles and Woolies aren’t exactly local suppliers here to care for the community. 

The thing is: We, the human race, have a beautiful opportunity in our hands. 

We are living through a turning point in many ways. There is so much evidence pointing us towards a massive shift. You can call it the Age of Aquarius, The Golden Age, The Awakening of Humanity or even a Recession or Great Depression  – whatever angle you are looking from the conclusion is the same: there is change in the air and it is big.

But let’s go back to our main point here! Human beings have been very disconnected from their food. Not only people stopped selecting what goes into their bodies wisely but our food supply became a giant industry focused much more on profit margins than on health and sustainability. It is time we re-establish our relationship with our planet and with what it has to offer us. 

Imagine a world where pretty much everyone grew food in their backyard. A system where all families had access to the sacred knowledge of planting, the seasons, the moon, harvesting, storing…

 A community of people growing seasonal fruit and vegetables and caring for the land in a sustainable way! It may seem like too big of a dream for some but it is actually more possible and accessible than we imagine. It is already happening right now in many parts of the world. The secret is just to start! 

Working with what is available and using our skills to grow. Holding the vision strong and bringing more people together to co-create and re-create the way we do food.

PermaCare was born from dreams of a better world. A more harmonious one with stronger and happier people. We are working with all our hearts to start planting our little seeds towards this movement. Firstly, by making organic food more widely available, secondly by educating people, teaching them how to grow and maintain, plus serving our community with the tools and services to get them inspired about food again. And thirdly by building solid foundations so we can, together, remember  2020 not as the year of face masks and hand sanitiser but the year of co-creative solutions towards freedom and prosperity. 

Welcome to the future. Welcome to PermaCare.

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